Salt in lumps

Salt in lumps according to TU U 18.518-1999 is a natural sodium chloride (halite).  The product is considered to be used in various industries and can also be used for the construction and performance of the interior of speleological rooms and rest rooms. To ensure a health-improving effect, iodine can be added to the briquettes in an amount of (40±15)·10-4%.

It is produced by cutting from a layer of salt (salt blocks) or compacting (pressing) the previously crushed product (salt briquettes).

Salt can be processed with the execution of various shapes surfaces by the buyer’s order with the implementation of bores either. Also it is possible to change the size, weight of salt blocks; multiple packaging.

QUALITY (physical-chemical and organoleptic indicators in accordance with normative documentation).

salt blocks of rectangular shape ((200±10)х(200±10)х(400±10)), of (32±5)kg each without packaging or with multiple packaging on a pallet of 1088 kg;

briquettes of (5±0,4)kg each: ((180±2)х(150±2)х(100±8)mm

solid or with bores of diameter (20-22)mm, (25-26 )mm and without it, without packaging

briquettes of (9±0,5)kg each: ((187±2)х(187±2)х(150±8))mm

solid or with bores of diameter (26-30)mm, without packaging

pieces of arbitrary shape and size (from 80 mm), weight from 1kg to 40 kg.