Food common salt

SE Artyomsol produces salt for nutrition according to DSTU 3583:2015  “Food common salt”.

Salt is the most valuable, created by nature product of the sea that has been preserved in the subsoil in its original form throughout millions of years, without affecting the products of human activity on it and other man-made influences.

The most accessible and rich source of microelements is sea salt and its deposits in the form of rock salt.  The deposits formed as a mineral – halite containing inorganic NaCl (sodium chloride) and inclusion of trace elements of the natural origin that are visually defined as particles with shades of “gray” color. NaCl is a vital substance that is part of the human blood. In medicine, 0.9% aqueous solution of sodium chloride is used as a “saline solution.”

Rock salt of our deposit contains: up to 98.2% of NaCl; potassium (is necessary for the heart activity); calcium (is necessary for the formation and functioning of the bone system); iron (is necessary for hematopoiesis), as well as magnesium, manganese and about 80 others (almost the entire Mendeleev periodic table), also are very necessary for the human organism mineral elements and even gold and silver! Under the influence of enzymes of the digestive system, microelements dissolve and have a positive effect on your body and its normal functioning. The rock salt was created by nature 250 million years ago and it comes to your table in its original form.

SE Artyomsol’s products are mainly produced without additives in the form of milled, sieved, dust-free salt.

In order to satisfy the demands of customers wishing to purchase salt without natural “gray” inclusions ” – optically sorted” salt (refined) is produced with the help of the appropriate equipment.