Marketing activity and geography of supplies


SE Artyomsol is the leader of salt industry of Ukraine. The demand for the entire assortment of salt at the domestic market is fully met by the enterprise. About 55-60% of the enterprise’s products are exported annually.

Marketing plays a significant role in the commercial activity of SE Artyomsol. There is good interaction of marketing specialists with customers and consumers for studying the market, determination of market demand and choosing the market sector; determination of requirements for the enterprise’s products; development of advertising campaigns and their implementation; definition of corporate style of the enterprise, its realization and constant improvement. At the same time, marketing research is conducted to determine the requirements of the customers and end-users for the enterprise’s products, as well as their satisfaction with the products. Also interviewing of the customers is conducted regularly for determining the needs and expectations of consumers for the production of new types of products or new types of packaging. The assortment of the products should satisfy the buyer. On the basis of marketing research and analysis, technological preparation is carried out to produce new types of products.

The range of application of rock salt (sodium chloride) is extremely full – more than 11 000 variants. Many industries need our salt, including food, chemical, metallurgical, oil, textile, leather and others branches of industry. Salt is also used in agriculture, housing and communal services. Our salt plays a special role during the autumn-winter period, when it is used by the road maintenance companies to strew roads and sidewalks for the safe vehicles traffic and safe pedestrians’ walking.

SE Artyomsol exports products to the CIS and Baltic countries, some of the European Union countries. The company can supply salt to consumers of the other countries by the railway or through the ports of the Danube and the Black Sea.

It should be included into a separate group of countries with potential markets such as – Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and others. The continuous work is carried out for studying the volumes of consumption, the nomenclature of the market, as well as the possibility of deliveries to these territories.