About us


State enterprise Artyomsol is a leading producer of high quality salt products. Its history begins in 1881, when the first salt mine – “Bryantsivska mine” was put into operation. Today, it is one of the largest enterprises in Eastern Europe, which works on progressive technologies for the production, processing, packaging and shipping of salt and sells its products both in Ukraine and abroad. It includes four operating production units: mines №1,3, №4, №7 and №8.

The enterprise provides its ecologically pure products to a number of industries. These include food, chemical, oil, metallurgy, energy, engineering, agriculture, pharmaceutics, cosmetology, housing and communal services and other spheres of the national economy.

Enterprise’s employees constantly work on improving the quality of the products and widening its assortment. One of the most priority areas of production now is the production of salt, purified from natural inclusions (anhydrides) with a help of a photo separator.

To achieve the best results, the full-scale mechanization and automation of production, as well as the implementation of international quality management and safety standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) are implemented at state enterprise Artyomsol. The quality of the finished products is controlled by central and mine laboratories equipped with modern measuring equipment. It makes possible to carry out a qualitative and quantitative control of the salt mineral.

The enterprise offers its business partners transparent, cost-effective cooperation terms selling products to the domestic and foreign markets. Now one of the main tasks of the commercial activity of SE Artyomsol is the development of export salt sales.

Today the products of our enterprise are highly valued in the markets of Europe. Production facilities of SE Artyomsol allow provide annual extraction, processing and sale of salt in a volumes exceeding 7 million tons.



Every year SE Artyomsol widens the range of products that are used in food industry and for technical application. Today, the mines of the enterprise produce many kinds of pre-packed and packed salt; unpacked salt without packaging with anti-caking additives and without them, as well as salt briquettes, salt blocks, iodized salt, salt for baths. The range of products is able to meet any customer requirements for both chemical and granulometric composition and also weight ratio – from 10 grams to 1 ton.

Geography of deliveries


Artyomsol provides uninterrupted supply of salt to its customers by rail or through the ports of the Danube and the Black Sea. The export of salt covers about 16 countries including Moldova, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Baltic countries and others. The geography of supplies is increasing every year.

Our awards


Our salt extracted at a depth of about 300 meters, corresponds to the best world standards as evidenced by the numerous prestigious awards received for years – The Golden Mercury (Oxford), The Crown for Quality (London), Diamante (Paris), the Era Century Award (Madrid) and others.

According to the world quality standards


At the enterprise it is paid much attention to the environmental safety and ensuring the complete cleanliness of the products. For this, full mechanization and automation of production, as well as the implementation of international quality management and safety standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) are used. In order to improve the technological processes, the management of Artyomsol ensures the implementation of programs for the equipment modernization. This year the enterprise started to produce a new type of high-quality products-salt, purified with the help of a photo separator. At mine #4, a new production line for the production of the pre-packed salt for domestic and European consumers was put into operation.

Social responsibility


As a city-forming enterprise, SE Artyomsol provides assistance to the development of infrastructure of Soledar United Territorial Community. On the balance sheet of the enterprise there is a modern sports complex with a swimming pool, a children’s sanatorium “Raduga”, a recreation center on the Siverskyy Donets river in the village Serebryanka. Every year, at the end of August, the workers of our enterprise celebrate their professional holiday-Miner’s Day.

Interesting facts


In 2003 a balloon flight under the ground took place in the underground area of Artyomsol–the first in the history of the mankind. This fact is included in the Guinness Book of Records. In 2004 the festival of classical music “The Salt Symphony” was held here. In 2008 famous Ukrainian athlete Dmitry Khaladzhi set his own record in the mine, raising 100 poods of salt, equal to 1600 kilograms. At the same year our salt galleries were visited by the popular Russian singer Alla Pugacheva. She told about the acoustic atmosphere of the underground hall approvingly. In 2016, a new record was set in the mine-a defile of the military brass band at the maximum depth.